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Classic Arcade Game Project

3rd Project of Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree Program.

Table of Contents


This project is a classic Arcade Game Project Version, the purpose of it is to test concentration, motor skill, entertain and enjoy!

How to play?

  • Say hello to your character to gain confidence..
  • To move the character press the arrow keys: ↑(up) ↓(down) ←(left) →(right)
  • You have to prevent your character from colliding with the bugs and get your character to reach the river!
  • When you arrives, you win and canvas will be happy!
  • When you collides, you return to the starting position and canvas becomes sad and you lost a life!
  • You have 3 lifes to try to reach the river!

Code Dependencies

The app have the following dependencies:

  1. Font Awesome.
  2. Google Fonts.

Getting Started

Download the project and open index.html in any browser.

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