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Superpowers is now Free and Open Source!

We're incredibly happy to release the first public release of Superpowers!
THANKS to all the awesome supporters who helped us get this far.

Changes and improvements

There's no major new editor features in this release since we've been focusing on the Open Source transition, website, videos, etc. but there are lots of under-the-hood improvements.

  • The hierarchy of project folders on disk now matches the hierarchy in Superpowers
  • When joining your local server, Superpowers won't ask for a password anymore if there is none
  • The launcher now checks for new releases on GitHub rather than on SparklinLabs.com
  • Superpowers Game
    • The Behavior scene component editor has improved ergonomy
    • Fonts
      • The editor's sidebar has been improved a lot and you can now download uploaded fonts
      • Support for TextRenderer.setColor for bitmaps font
    • Improved ergonomy with sliders for setting opacity on sprites and models
    • The Gamepad API was improved (Sup.Input.wasGamepadAxisJustPressed with auto-repeat)
    • Sup.Actor.getChild now supports nested child lookup with slashes
    • Shader materials can now be manipulated from scripts

For plugin developers

  • SupCore.system.api has been repurposed into a more generic plugin API on SupCore.system and it's been used for ComponentConfig classes.
  • Superpowers's core is now more generic and has been cleaned of (hopefully) all the Superpowers Game-specific stuff.