This Week in Superpowers #1

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Covering the week of 2016-01-15 to 2016-01-21.

Welcome to our first edition of This Week in Superpowers, a weekly report about what's happening in the community! Superpowers is an open source HTML5 2D+3D game maker featuring real-time collaboration and incredible extensibility.

Community news

Work on the redesigned Superpowers launcher has resumed

No Superpowers release this week as we're working on the redesigned launcher for v1.0 and no urgent bugs have popped up in v0.19.0. Work is happening in the superpowers-launcher repository.

Great news: We got entirely automated builds with Travis (.travis.yml, build log), with automated deploys for all 5 supported platforms directly to GitHub! This very early v0.0.6 test release was entirely built and deployed by tagging a commit. No manual intervention!

Developers documentation

We'll move the various development pages from the user documentation to the wiki.

Open source asset packs

New repository is at, asset packs are now CC0-licensed!

Work in progress on drag'n'drop from asset tree view to scenes

Groundwork on dnd-tree-view to add support for tagging drag'n'drop events with metadata when dragging nodes outside of a tree view, as well as handling foreign objects being dragged into a tree view:

Pull requests and other development news

Help wanted! ^_^

We have created lots of issues in the various repositories for planned features or bugs to fix. We'd love your help so if something tickles your fancy, comment and ask for guidance if needed. We'll be happy to get you up to speed!

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