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lowercase all your image files and convert into image sprite with corresponding css.
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Compass Rake is a simple tool that can allow anybody to start using Compass for image sprites.

1.) Install Ruby.
  a.) Windows:
    i.) Make sure when you install Ruby, you select the option to "Add Ruby Executables to your PATH"

  b.) Mac: As of 10.9 Mavericks, Ruby-2.0.x comes preinstalled, so you shouldnt need to do anything.

2.) Clone this repo
  a.) Then Navigate to the folder via command line.

3.) Run 'rake compass:setup'
  a.) This will install the bundler gem, and then run bundle install to get the compass gem.
  b.) Note: You only need to do this once, the first time you download the tool.

4.) Place all the images in the /images folder.
  a.) You can place as many folders and images in that directory and they will all be included into the compiled sprite.

5.) Run 'rake compass:compile'
  a.) By default this will output sprite_icons.css, and the corresponding sprite_icons.png file.

6.) Copy and Paste
  a.) move sprite_icons.css, and the sprite_icons.png file into your project.

7.) You're done, now celebrate:

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