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Installing SuperScript

Installing Dependencies

SuperScript has a dependency on Node JS and Mongo. Please make sure they are installed prior to beginning.

There are two good ways to get up and running fast. We suggest using bot-init, but you can also clone a template. Both ways are outlined here!

Using bot-init

If you'd like to run the bot-init script to get you up and running quickly, first install SuperScript globally:

npm install -g superscript

If you've installed superscript globally (npm install -g superscript), a good way to get your new bot up and running is by running the bot-init script:

bot-init myBotName --clients telnet,slack
cd myBotName
npm install

This will create a bot in a new 'myBotName' folder in your current directory. You can specify the clients you want with the --clients flag.

Then all you need to do is parse the example script, and start the server! (Starting the server will automatically build it for you.) Ensure that mongo is running first. (E.g., sudo mongod.)

npm run parse
// npm run start-<client_name>
npm run start-telnet
npm run start-express

This will start the server. You then need to connect to a client to be able to talk to your bot! If you're using the telnet client, you'll need to open up a new Terminal tab, and run telnet localhost 2000.

Note: The parse step is a bin script that will compile your SuperScript script into a JSON file. By default, it will look in the chat folder. Have a look in there for the example script. You can try adding some more rules:

+ hello world
- Hi from your bot.

Or cloning the getting started REPO.

Alternatively, check out the hello-superscript repo for a clean starting point to building your own bot. There's no guarantee at present that this is using the latest version of SuperScript. If you've built a bot that you think would make a great template for users to get started with, feel free to add it to this page!

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