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A trip from cocos2d-iphone to cocos2d-html5

A published book on iBookStore recoding my learning experience from cocos2d-iphone to cocos2d-html5.

What's in the book

  1. The start - Porting an ios game to html5
    • Introduction to cocos2d-html5
    • Why html5 ?
    • Why cocos2d-html5 ?
    • Something about this book
  2. Tools and knowledge -A summary onwhat we need for each step
    • A checklist of the what we need
  3. Basic stuffs - Porting to cocos2d-html5
    • Comparison between cocos2d-iphone against cocos2d-html5
    • On porting CallFunc to cocos2d-html5
    • On porting Array and Dictionary to cocos2dhtml5
  4. Special stuffs - Porting to cocos2d-html5
    • On “function” in cocos2d-html5
    • On Singleton in cocos2d-html5
    • On Delegate in cocos2d-html5
    • On Timer in cocos2d-html5
    • On NSSelectorFromString in cocos2d-html5
    • On block in cocos2d-html5
  5. Time for cocosbuilder -One tool two versions
    • Introduction to cocosbuilder
    • Comparison between cocos2d-iphone againstcocos2d-html5 using cocosbuilder
  6. Watch out for traps -what we should notoverlook when using cocosbuilder
    • All kinds of traps
  7. cocosbuilder in-depth - MVC in cocos2dhtml5
    • Watch out for the dynamic feature in javascript
    • MVC (View) in cocosbuilder + cocos2d-html5
    • MVC (Controller) in cocosbuilder + cocos2dhtml5
  8. Play with cocos2d-html5 - Various IDE and debug tools
    • IDE for development - Jetbrains WebStrom
    • Setting up a local server
    • Co-debug our game in LAN
    • Quick debug - notepad + Google chrome
    • Debug offline on ipad - textastic + firebug
  9. Time for release -Pack your game with ant
    • Using ant to pack your game
    • Code modification
  10. Play with the world - Using Parse forLeaderboard in cocos2d-html5
    • Introduction to Parse
    • Getting start with Parse
    • Using Parse to load/save data
    • On Querying and Sorting data
    • Using anonymous function with asynchronousParse API
  11. Welcome twitter -Using web intents totweet in game
    • Introduction to twitter web intents
    • The usage of twitter web intents
  12. Welcome heroku - Prepare for Facebook release
    • Introduction to heroku
    • Installing heroku
    • Using heroku with git command
    • Deploying the game as php app
  13. Welcome Facebook - Connect our game to Facebook
    • Prepare for connecting with Facebook
    • Authorization with Facebook
    • Playing with Dialogs in Facebook
    • Decorate our game page
  14. Welcome SinaAppEngine -Prepare forSina Weibo release
    • Introduction to Sina App Engine
    • Sina App Engine code management
    • Deploying the game as php app
  15. Welcome Sina Weibo -Connect our game to Sina Weibo
    • Prepare for connecting with Sina Weibo
    • Authorization with Sina Weibo
    • Playing with Weibo publisher
  16. My site my game - Embedding the game into our site
    • Embedding game in a post
  17. The magic of HTML5 - Embedding the game into a book
    • Changing our game to widget
  18. The destination - Looking back the trip

And there is an old post on my blog about this game.


A published book on iBookStore recoding my learning experience from cocos2d-iphone to cocos2d-html5.



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