Arena Tracker is a deck tracker that gives you a lot of extra info while playing Hearthstone.
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Arena Tracker reads the Hearthstone log to give your all the info you need. Learn More...

Too complicated? Check the User Guide.

Join our community at the Arena Tracker subreddit and support its development at the Arena Tracker patreon.



Download (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Download here

  • Tested on Windows 7/8/10
  • Tested on Mac OS X 10.11
  • Tested on Ubuntu/Linux Mint
    • I suggest downloading ArenaTracker.Linux.AppImage for modern distros (Ubuntu 18.04) and the static one for older ones.
    • libpng12-0, libxcb-xinerama0 need to be installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for the static version.
    • For Arch Linux users there's a package in AUR maintained by Strit.

Extract the zip wherever you want and double click the executable, no installation required. (If you want to run it from a terminal don't use sudo.)

Data used by Arena Tracker will be stored in USER/Arena Tracker (Windows/Mac) or USER/.local/share/Arena Tracker (Linux) with the following structure:

  • Arena Tracker\
    • ArenaTrackerLog.txt -- (Log created by Arena Tracker, used for debugging)
    • ArenaTrackerDecks.json -- (Your deck collection in Arena Tracker)
    • Extra\ -- (Template and scripts used by Arena Tracker)
    • Games Drafts Logs\ -- (Logs of Games/Drafts to upload to Zero To Heroes)
    • Hearthstone Cards\ -- (Hearthstone cards images)

Arena Tracker will need to download all Hearthstone card images onto Hearthstone Cards dir. This is done in the background while you use it. If servers are slow you can manually download Hearthstone from the latest release and override USER/Arena Tracker/Hearthstone Cards dir with the one included in the zip.

First Run

On Windows and Mac: Arena Tracker setup is done automatically unless you didn't install Hearthstone in its default dir. In that case the first time you run Arena Tracker you will be asked for:

  1. Logs dir location (If not default).
  • Default (Win/WINE): C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone\Logs
  • Default (Mac): /Applications/Hearthstone/Logs
  • If the Logs dir doesn't exist create it.
  1. log.config location (If not default).
  • Default (Win 7-10): USER\AppData\Local\Blizzard\Hearthstone\log.config
  • Default (Win XP/WINE): USER\Local Settings\Application Data\Blizzard\Hearthstone\log.config
  • Default (Mac): ~/Library/Preferences/Blizzard/Hearthstone/log.config
  • If the file doesn't exist create an empty log.config in that dir.
  1. Restart Hearthstone (if you have it opened).

On Linux: Arena Tracker will try to find Hearthstone dir automatically using the command find (Only your HOME dir will be searched). If it doesn't success it will ask you to find the above locations. This process can take several minutes, I suggest you to empty your trash bin before, to make it short.

If you have problems installing it or using it I'm happy to help you on reddit.


Build from source (Windows/Linux/Mac) (Only advanced users)

If you build on Mac check:

Is Blizzard okay with this?


Video examples


Thanks to:

Thanks to all these projects ArenaTracker is possible.