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Boat + duino + node.js
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Hardware description:
Video of BoatTest.pde:
Video of Boatduinode in action:

I'm using this same repo for deployment, so excuse the mess. Let me show you 

boatduinode.js - the node.js app, which handles connections and commands and such
boatduinode.rb - the ruby script which acts as a client for the node.js app, and translates commands from there into serial commands
Boatduinode.pde - receives serial commands and interfaces with the RC remote
BoatTest.pde   - simple arduino sketch that pilots the boat in a most drunken manner
web_socket.rb  - smallish websocket lib for boatduinode.rb

Some notes:

The app uses, which doesn't seem to be well-implemented in ruby 
anywhere (certainly not client-side). As such, the script simply picks out 
commands it's looking for and relays the rest. This suffices, as all I needed 
was to receive five different commands and respond to the heartbeats. Node.js 
doesn't seem to care beyond that in this case.

The motors turn on when I pull the pins LOW, and off when they're pulled HIGH.
Go figure.

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