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Blogging system with world-changing quasi-hardcoded flat-file NoSQL database in Ruby. CGI, hold the fast.

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This doesn't scale.

This is essnetially a two-file webapp. blog.cgi is the app itself, and 
blogposts.rb is your database. post.rb is the script for posting to your blog. 

To deploy, copy blog.cgi and blogposts.rb to your web server directory, and 
configure your webserver accordingly. Everything you need is in Ruby's 
standard library.

To make a blog post, create an HTML file similar to this.

<div class="article-title">Chicken Tetrazzini!</div>
<div class="article-date">DATEME</div>
<p>Kyle love it!</p>

DATEME will be replaced with the date of running post.rb You can also specify 
your own date.

Now run the following command

ruby post.rb blogpost.html >> /path/to/blogposts.rb

post.rb will compress and encode the content and add it to the hash in 
blogposts.rb with the MD5 digest as the key. The digest is also added to the 
post_id array.

If you get this to scale, you can have the clown Jim Raynor feature idea notes.
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