Chicken Dance License! The official IANAL license.
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Latest commit f0ae734 Apr 3, 2011 @supertunaman supertunaman Left format/codec choice up to the copyright holder.
Stipulate that the copyrights of the video belong to <ORGANIZATION>

Removed "chicken-like in nature" language. People MUST include dance
instructions with their source code if they ues this license!
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C       D   D   L

UPDATE: Bruce (Perens) rejected us. :( We are now drafting v0.2 of 
CDL to address the concerns presented on the license-review mailing
list. I have also sent an email to FSF for their thoughts. In other 
news, I guess it's time to have a proper website for updates like this. 

This license is meant to bring humor to the silliness of intellectual
property. If you use this license, be sure that you're writing something
useful that companies my take interest in using.

Basically, put the license text in COPYING, or in the individual source
files. There are three samples here to get you started. Then include 
instructions on how to perform the chicken dance in a filecalled DANCE. 
Make a note of these files in your README.

I copied my instructions from WikiHow, and credited WikiHow with it. You
should too if you do the same.

What's nice about this is that you can change the dance that is required
by the company. You get to decide if they do the swing or not, or how
to emulate the chicken beaks.

License responsibly.