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Fixed possible crash on 64-bit mingw build

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deveee committed Oct 21, 2018
1 parent 0c9ea5a commit 6722f57b06264158caa88ea44ed7bfd0c3845883
Showing with 1 addition and 6 deletions.
  1. +1 −6 lib/irrlicht/source/Irrlicht/CFileSystem.cpp
@@ -829,13 +829,8 @@ IFileList* CFileSystem::createFileList(const io::path& directory)

r = new CFileList(Path, true, false);

// TODO: Should be unified once mingw adapts the proper types
#if defined(__GNUC__)
long hFile; //mingw return type declaration
intptr_t hFile;

intptr_t hFile;
io::path searchPath = Path;
struct _tfinddata_t c_file;

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