Plopping Aker into Docker
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You need docker installed to use this. You should build your own image based on supertylerc/aker if you want to use a unique username.

First, copy aker.ini.sample to aker.ini. aker.ini is in the .gitignore, so you can have it in the repository without risk of accidentally committing it to the repo.

Next, edit aker.ini to reflect your lab environment(s). It's mostly self-explanatory, but you should see the official Aker documentation for details.

Note that your aker.ini should have the username lab unless you built a custom container based on supertylerc/aker.

You should edit the docker-compose.yml as well to include mappings of names to IP addresses if you used names in your aker.ini.

Next, just start the container:

docker-compose up -d

If a change isn't picked up that you're expecting to exist, you'll need to add the --build flag.

Now you can SSH to the server's IP (your laptop or a remote server, depending on where you deployed the container) on port 2222 as the user you specified (probably lab, the default) and start using aker for all of your labbing needs!


Do whatever you want, but I'm not responsible.


Tyler Christiansen