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Asus Vivobook S15 S530UA


Version:	1.2
Date:		04/27/2019
Support:	All BIOS
macOS:		Mojave 10.14.6 (not updated for Catalina)
Changelog:	v1.2:	- Fix battery indicator update issus
			- Rename config.plist to config_DW1560.plist
			- Add config.plist for non-DW1560 laptops
		v1.1: Fixed slow input password by adding NoTouchID.kext
Status:		Stable

System specification

1. Name:		Asus Vivobook S530UA BQ100T
2. CPU:			Intel Core i5-8250U
3. Graphic:		Intel UHD620
4. Wifi:		Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265, replaced with DW1560
5. Card Reader:		n/a (but works)
6. Camera:		ASUS UVC HD
7. Audio:		Realtek ALC256
8. Touchpad:		ELAN1300
9. Bios Version:	303

Not working

Instant Hotspot (Continuity)

Thing will never able to use


Know problems

Screen flickering when charging after wake from sleep.


1. Build a USB installer and copy CLOVER folder to USB's EFI folder.
2. After install, install Clover to your macOS drive and copy CLOVER folder to your laptop main EFI folder.
3. Use any kext installer app to install kext from Kexts/LE or SLE. (If you are not sure, see the Note section)
4. Copy hda-verb from misc folder to /usr/bin.
5. Reboot and enjoy. 

DW1560 kext installation

1. Copy kext from DW1560/CLOVER to CLOVER/kexts/Other.
2. Use any kext installer app to install kext from DW1560/LE or SLE. (If you are not sure, see the Note section)
3. Reboot and enjoy.


1. SMBIOS in clover.plist is fake, you need to rebuild yourself.
2. "LE or SLE" titled folder means you can install kext to either LE or SLE. If you are manually copying the kext, make sure you repair premissions and rebuild kext cache after the copy. The difference between LE and SLE you can found on Google.

Special thanks

1. **tctien342** for providing base Clover folder (
2. **hieplpvip**
3. **Hackintosh - The OS X on PC World** (Facebook group:


Facebook Messenger:


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