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*         City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle Translation Tools          *

This is a set of tools designed to insert text into the Famicom game City
Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle. It includes a complete build system to
insert the English-translated script created by Filler
( Though I've only bothered to set this up
for *nix environments, it would be straightforward to get it to run on Windows.

To build the game, you must first have a ROM image of the original game.
*** The ROM image must not be headered! *** (purely due to laziness)
If the ROM has an iNES header, you must remove the first 16 bytes before
building. Ensure that your ROM's MD5 sum is f15b9f1e8a5347f62d0fb7653d81815c
before continuing.

Rename the ROM to "cat_noheader.nes", and place it in the cat/ subdirectory.

$ cd cat
$ ./

Assuming everything went well, this will build all the tools and output the
translated ROM as "cat_build.nes" in the same folder.

A few notes:
  * This project uses cc65 ( to assemble some assembly
    language modifications -- see the cat/asm/ directory. Binaries built
    on a 64-bit Debian system are provided in cat/asm/bin, and are used
    used by the build system by default. If your system doesn't support these
    binaries, you will need to modify the PATH assignment in to point
    to your own cc65 binaries.
  * libpng is required to build the tools related to graphics editing.
  * The English script, along with the commented-out Japanese original, is
    contained in cat/cat_script_en.txt. This translation was created by Filler
    and, per the README included in the original project release, is licensed
    under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license
    ( It is used here without


Translation tools for City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle




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