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*                       D.Gray-Man: Kami no Shitotachi                         *
*                     English Translation Patch Materials                      *

This package contains the source materials (code/art/script) for the English
translation project for the Nintendo DS game D.Gray-Man: Kami no Shitotachi.

                    *          Build Instructions          *
The build system is only set up for Unix-like systems, though none of the code
is fundamentally dependent on this and could be ported with a bit of effort.
You'll need GCC and libpng, and wine for the non-broken version of ndstool
(see below).

Get a decrypted ROM image of the original game. It should match these

  No-Intro filename: 1005 - D.Gray-Man - Innocence no Shito-tachi (Japan).nds
  CRC32:             9787df1f
  MD5:               300a989cf07172bae10d2e6fa7192eb2
  SHA-1:             bacd73ee216d6ac729be2e67e9a3a6c7c6348d3f

Rename it "grayman.nds" and place it in the "grayman" folder. Then:

$ cd grayman
$ ./ should then build all the necessary tools and output the translated
ROM as grayman_en.nds.

If you want to modify the project, check to see where the resources
that get inserted into the game are coming from.

NOTE: This project uses ndstool to repack the modified ROM. Due to what I
believe is a bug related to Unix-style alphabetization, native builds of ndstool
may produce ROM filesystems that do not function on real hardware. Because of
this issue, the build system for this project is by default set up to use wine
to run a Windows binary of ndstool that is known to produce correct filesystems.

A submodule for ndstool has been included and the build script will build it for
the native platform, so if you want to use the (possibly buggy) native build of
ndstool instead of wine, uncomment the relevant line in the "Packing ROM..."
section of and comment out the wine usage.

                    *              Licensing               *

See COPYING. Basically, everything by me (Supper) is GPLv3, and everything else
is under the terms of whoever wrote it.

                    *               Credits                *

                              Phantom -- Translation
                               Supper -- Hacking
                               cccmar -- Testing


Translation tools for D.Gray-Man: Kami no Shitotachi







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