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This website plots cases of COVID-19 by region and across regions over time.

The data is currently sourced from the John Hopkins data set, as well as the NYT dataset(see their article here), and is updated periodically.

Cloning the repo

When cloning - you must clone with the submodules

git clone --recurse-submodules

if you forget to clone with --recurse-submodules, run:

git submodule update --init --recursive

within the project.

Running project

Install Node.js on your machine if it isn't already installed.

The first time you run the project you should install all dependencies:

npm ci

Note: npm ci is similar to npm install, except it installs exact versions of dependencies

Next you must generate the post-processed data:

npm run updateData

Then you can run the project with:

npm start

Updating Dataset

Currently the dataset is updating manually by running the following periodically:

npm run updateData

Note: The deployed website can be newer than the pinned git hash of the submodules, this command may also pull new submodules

Multiple datasets

We use the John Hopkins dataset for all data except for the US, if you want to use the JHU dataset instead go to the options to make it visible, it will be US (JHU).

The main reason we use the NYT dataset is that some US counties have missing timeranges in the JHU dataset


Open to contributions. If you are adding a feature that requires more/new data, it must both:

  • Come from a reputable source
  • Have an automatable mechanism that can fetch the latest data

Misc Notes

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


Plotting cases of COVID-19 by region and across regions over time






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