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Find file Copy path
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# Supports RSAT Windows 10 1809+ such as Windows 10 1903 for Feature On Demand use for
# OFFLINE installation where no internet connection is allowed or used during the OSD deployment.
# Must download the Feature On Demand media and run the Copy Source PowerShell script to only copy RSAT files
# Win10 1903 RSAT source files size = 154MB
#Specify ISO Source location
#Sources files are in current folder by using ".\". Best approach for SCCM/MDT OSD. Create SCCM package and place this PowerShell script in the same folder as RSAT content.
# Reference this script name in the SCCM/MDT command line of the task sequence step.
$FoD_Source = ".\"
#Grab the available RSAT Features
$RSAT_FoD = Get-WindowsCapability –Online | Where-Object Name -like 'RSAT*'
#Install RSAT Tools
Foreach ($RSAT_FoD_Item in $RSAT_FoD)
Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name $ -Source $FoD_Source -LimitAccess
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