A raw video stream handling and processing suite for AXIOM Beta Cameras based on Magic Lantern's MLV file format. Created as a part of Google Summer of Code 2018 under Apertus Association.
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Raw Video Container Format - GSoC 2018

This repository hosts a working proof of concept for proposed MLV file containerising systems for the AXIOM Beta's RAW12 frames.

For a wholesome analysis of this GSoC work, please visit gsoc.supragyaraj.com

GSoC project: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/projects/#4617058810068992

What does the code do?

The source code compiles a few binaries and runs them to emulate the usage scenario of the camera. The following are some important modules:

  1. Generator: This compiles two files - rawinfo and rawdata that models the two streams coming out of the camera - rawdata being the high speed video frame transport and rawinfo being low speed meta transport.
  2. Stream Handler: This application models the primary interface code for the recording unit. Uses two threads to store two streams on disk as fast as it can. Highly I/O based application with very little processing involved.
  3. Joiner: Joins the high speed output (video frames) and low speed output (metadata) into one MLV file. Uses cat internally to join. However, there are a few considerations on whether this module may really be needed. See gsoc.supragyaraj.com for more details.
  4. MLV_dump / MLVFS: Final "publisher" system (3rd party) which is used to convert mlv files into corresponding DNG files.

1, 2 and 3 model the cam2mlv portion of the system while 4 is solely responsible for mlv2dng conversion.

A few changes to mlv2dng are proposed for

  • Removing the Joiner altogether
  • Allowing PLR data to be used for linearization table calculations while mlv2dng conversion.

The information regarding the above proposals are given at: gsoc.supragyaraj.com

Getting the code and setting up

For getting started with this codebase, consider checking out: gsoc.supragyaraj.com for all the analysis and the ideology behind the code seen in this repository.

  1. Get the code using git clone github.com/supragya/AXIOM_RawStreamHandler
  2. cd AXIOM_RawStreamHandler after this should put you in the project directory.
  3. Make sure you have all the dependencies by running ./scripts/get_dependencies_apt.sh (for debian based linux distributions).
  4. Build the system using ./scripts/build_all.sh
  5. Run the emulation using ./scripts/run_emulation.sh
  6. DNG exports should now be available in processed_data folder.
  7. Clean the project directory using ./scripts/clean_project.sh

Note: You can check your current dependencies version with ./scripts/check_verions.sh

Get in touch

Freenode IRC #apertus