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SFM4000 Series

SFM4000 is a compact, power efficient module that is simple to integrate with various system applications. The module offers flexible supply voltage, integrated power management, small footprint, and voltage detector functions. SFM4000 is specially designed for lock and safe manufacturers look for an inexpensive, reliable biometric solution with extra low power-consumption and compact size.


  • Integrated power control circuit
  • Suprema, ISO 19794-2 and ANSI 378 template options
  • Serial Interface with simple protocol
  • 4 configurable Digital I/O ports
  • Single 3.3 VDC regulated power source
  • 256-bit AES fingerprint data encryption

Available Models


  • Optical Sensor
  • Robust optical fingerprint sensor
  • Solid and scratch-free sensor surface
  • Reliable high quality fingerprint image for wet & dry fingers
  • Sensor surface optimized to capture the ideal fingerprint image


Sensor Sensor Option Optical
Main CPU 400MHz DSP
Flash Memory 1MB
EER < 0.1%
Enrollment Time
(Sensor Dependent)
< 800ms OP5
1:1 Verification Time
(Sensor Dependent)
< 800ms OP5
1:1000 ID Time*
(Sensor Dependent)
< 970ms OP5
Template Options Suprema, ISO19794-2, ANSI 378
Template Size
(Default: 384 Bytes)
256 to 384 Bytes
Template Capacity 1,900 @ 1 MB Flash
Log Capacity -
Fingerprint Data Encryption 256-bit AES
Interface Host Comm. Async. Serial:
CMOS level
up to 460800 bps
Aux Comm. -
Wiegand Interface -
External I/O 4x Digital I/O
Hardware Supply Voltage 3.3 VDC Regulated
Board Size 26 x 26 x 6.4 mm (L x W x H)

Model SFM4000
Sensor Type Optical
Sensor Options OP5
Resolution (dpi) 500
Sensing Area (mm) 16.0 x 19.0
Image Size (px) 272 x 320
Finger Rotation +/- 90'
Sensor Dimension
(L x W x H) (mm)
20.5 x 25 x 52


Sensor Bracket Housing

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