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Expense Tracker site made in Epicodus, using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
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Expense Tracker

#####Expense Tracker app made in Epicodus Programming Bootcamp. Built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

  • Users can input a description and amount for each purchase, and list out all the purchases.

  • Users can create new categories. When users picks a category, it lists all the purchases in the category, and has a place to add new purchases.

  • Users can easily see where they're spending their money by viewing a chart displaying the amount and percentage the user has spent in each category.

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Users can budget their expenses by entering the most they want to spend in each category. It then showw how much the user has left to spend in that category. If the user enters a purchase that would go over the budget, an alert pops up to let them know.

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