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An online store app built in Epicodus coding bootcamp. First time parsing data from an uploaded CSV file using SmarterCSV gem.
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#Practical Steel Products
####(Named after many of the bizarre product names generated by the Faker gem)

  • DONE As a store owner, I want to create a new entry for a product with a name, price, and description.
  • DONE As a shopper, I want to see a list of all the products in the store, and be able to click on them to get more information.
  • DONE As a store owner, I want to make sure only I and other store employees can add, edit, and remove products. Hint: Add user authentication. Instead of letting people sign up for the site, "seed" the site with one login you create from the Rails console. Allow that user to CRUD/L additional users. Only allow unauthenticated users to list and show products; all other actions for products and all actions for users should be restricted to authenticated users.
  • DONE As a store owner, I want to add product in bulk by uploading a CSV with information on them. Hint: Add a ProductUploadsController with only new and create actions.
  • DONE As a store owner, I want to optionally add an image to a product.
  • DONE As a store owner, after I upload a CSV, I want to see a list of any rows that couldn't be imported.
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