Sample visualization code for exported Supzy data
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Sample visualization code for exported Supzy data.

Check the directory corresponding to the type of Supzy data you've exported for sample visualizations.

NOTE: Desktop exports contain slightly different columns than web exports for both group and personal data, so be sure to get the samples matching the type of export you created!

About the Code

All sample code is simple HTML5/Javascript using the excellent D3.js library. You don't need a server to run these - just open the HTML file in a browser and select the file you want to process.

These examples are very basic, but will hopefully give you ideas for interesting things to do with your data. Have fun!

About Supzy

Supzy is a fun and powerful status update platform - keep track of what's important to you, and do cool stuff with your data (like this).


This code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, meaning you can use it commercially and modify it as you see fit. See the LICENSE file for more detail.