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Php version requirement analyser
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If you are looking for a battle-tested library with a possibly cleaner architecture and similar features you may find your app of choice at llaville/php-compat-info for now.

Php Version Requirement Analyser

This repository contains a library and a console application to validate your php files' version requirements. The library makes heavy use of the PHP-Parser library. The api is not yet final, if you want to use the library component yourself you may want to lock your dependencies on a specific tag.

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  1. Installation and usage of the cli app
  2. Installation and usage of the library
  3. Build the phar
  4. Library Api Docs
  5. Todo

Installation and usage of the cli app

The packed pvra.phar file is available as a download on the release page. Run php pvra.phar to see a list of available commands. If you downloaded or cloned the repository itself run php bin/pvra from the root of the repository. Make sure all dependencies are available (not required if you run from phar), this requires you to be able to run <php> composer install --prefer-dist --no-dev on your machine.

Pvra can be installed globally using the composer global require suralc/pvra:dev-master command. Be sure to add the $COMPOSER_HOME/vendor/bin directory to your $PATH. Read more about composer global



trait Gamma
    public function test(callable $abc, ...$vars) {
        return $this->test()['abc'];


php pvra.phar analyse:file ./tests/readme_example.php --preferRelativePaths


Running analysis for "./tests/readme_example.php"
Required version: 5.6.0
| Version | Message                                       | Line |
| 5.6.0   | Variadic arguments require PHP 5.6.0          | 5    |
| 5.4.0   | Usage of the trait keyword requires PHP 5.4.0 | 3    |
| 5.4.0   | The callable typehint requires PHP 5.4.0      | 5    |
| 5.4.0   | Function dereferencing requires PHP 5.4.0     | 6    |

CLI - Options

Name Short name Description
--preventNameExpansion -p Prevent the expansion of names. This may improve performance. Some detections might not work.
--preferRelativePaths -s Only show relative paths in the console output. Fall back to absolute paths if no simple relative path can be built
--analyser -a Name of an analyser to attach. If this option is not set, all default analysers will be loaded. Possible values are: php-5.4, php-5.5, php-5.6, php-7.0, lib-php
--libraryDataSource -l Path to a file containing library information. Defaults to the file shipped with the library/phar.
--messageFormatSourceFile -m Path to a file containing message templates. Defaults to the file shipped with the library/phar.
--saveFormat Format of the export. Only json is supported at this time.
--saveAsFile If this option is set the results will be saved to the file specified as value.

Note: Classes within the src/Console directory are not part of the public API

Installation and usage of the library.

Run composer require suralc/pvra --prefer-dist in the root of your project and include the composer autoloader.

Please be aware that --prefer-dist will reduce the download size of the loaded package by removing the tests directory and other unused files.


// autoloading and namespace import is assumed

$analyser = new \Pvra\StringAnalyser('<?php trait abc{}');

$analyser->attachRequirementVisitor(new Php54Features);
$analyser->attachRequirementVisitor(new Php55Features);
$analyser->attachRequirementVisitor(new Php56Features);
$analyser->attachRequirementVisitor(new LibraryChanges);

$result = $analyser->run();

echo $result->getRequiredVersion(), PHP_EOL; // 5.4.0

foreach($result as $r) {
    echo $r['msg'], PHP_EOL; // Outputs: Usage of the trait keyword requires PHP 5.4.0 in <string>:1

Building the phar

Box is required to build the phar. Run box build in the repository root. Box requires the code to be inside a git repository.

Api - Documentation

You may find the incomplete API-documentation here. Please be aware that at this time it is incomplete.


See here

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