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OmnisTAP is a Test Anything Protocol producer for Omnis Studio.

Full documentation is available in the wiki.


  • Assertions comparing primitive Omnis types, include lists and row
  • Assertions for the existence of classes, libraries, xcomps, and files
  • Startup and shutdown methods for a test run
  • Setup and teardown methods for each test
  • Automatic testing for:
    • Leaking object references
    • Leaking window instances
    • Unit tests running too long
  • A full-featured and expressive mocking utility
  • Storing, mocking and automatically restoring task variables during a test run
  • Running tests in the Omnis IDE
  • Running tests from the command-line using OmnisCLI
  • Measuring code coverage and test performance

TAP specification support


  • Pass (ok) and fail (not ok) assertions
  • Diagnostic messages

Not yet supported:

  • Plans (OmnisTAP automatically generates a plan for the number of tests run, xUnit-style)
  • Bailing out
  • Skipping tests (although this is easy to code into your tests)
  • Marking tests as TODO (although you can add this note to your test message)


  • Omnis Studio 8.1.x
  • macOS 10.9+
  • Windows 7+


OmnisTAP code

Do ioTAP.$ok(1=1,"1 equals 1")
Do ioTAP.$is_char(low("FOO"),"foo","low() works")
Do ioTAP.$isnotclear($libs.$findname("omnistap_example"),"Our library is open")

Raw TAP output

# 2017-09-02 12:19 PM (Unit) Library:omnistap_example Test:_oOmnisTAPExamples/$u_sampleAssertions
ok 1 1 equals 1
ok 2 low() works
ok 3 Our library is open
# 17 ms

OmnisTAP in the IDE

OmnisTAP Example output in the IDE


Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: Starting OmnisTAP run on omnistap_example to /Users/aclay/Desktop/tap
Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: Test timing multiplier is set to 1
Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: Max timing for unit tests: 5000
Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: Max timing for integration tests: 90000
Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: ogTAPManager.$run: ilTests linecount is 1
Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: Starting up...
Running _oOmnisTAPExamples/$u_sampleAssertions...   [ pass ]
Sat Sep 2 13:47:52 2017 Notice: running tests shutdown
Sat Sep 2 13:47:52 2017 Notice: OmnisTAP run on omnistap_example complete in 1 second to /Users/aclay/Desktop/tap
Sat Sep 2 13:47:52 2017 Notice: Temp folder for this session is /tmp/suran/omnistap25002500/


Clone this repository to a working directory:

git clone https://github.com/suransys/omnistap.git


Add OmnisTAP to your library

  1. Open omnistap/lib/[your Omnis version]/omnistap.lbs in Omnis Studio
  2. Set your library's startup task to subclass omnistap.kgTAPTask
  3. Restart your library's startup task

Add a test

  1. Create a object class in your library named _oHelloOmnisTAP

  2. Set _oHelloOmnisTAP to subclass omnistap.ogTAPSuper

  3. Add the method $u_sayHello to _oHelloOmnisTAP with this code

     Do ioTAP.$pass("Hello OmnisTAP!")
  4. Go to TAP -> Test Current Class

  5. You will see this output: Quickstart Say Hello

Run from the command line

  1. Follow the OmnisCLI guide to install OmnisCLI

  2. Ensure your startup task's construct calls Do inherited

  3. Ensure omnistap.lbs, omniscli.lbs, and your library are opened at startup

  4. Run this command from a command prompt:

     [path to bin/omniscli] runtests [path to tap output directory]


Please see the wiki for full documentation.


Please see our guide to contributing.