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OmnisTAP is a Test Anything Protocol producer for Omnis Studio.

Full documentation is available in the wiki.


  • Assertions comparing primitive Omnis types, include lists and row
  • Assertions for the existence of classes, libraries, xcomps, and files
  • Startup and shutdown methods for a test run
  • Setup and teardown methods for each test
  • Automatic testing for:
    • Leaking object references
    • Leaking window instances
    • Unit tests running too long
  • A full-featured and expressive mocking utility
  • Storing, mocking and automatically restoring task variables during a test run
  • Running tests in the Omnis IDE
  • Running tests from the command-line using OmnisCLI
  • Measuring code coverage and test performance

TAP specification support


  • Pass (ok) and fail (not ok) assertions
  • Diagnostic messages

Not yet supported:

  • Plans (OmnisTAP automatically generates a plan for the number of tests run, xUnit-style)
  • Bailing out
  • Skipping tests (although this is easy to code into your tests)
  • Marking tests as TODO (although you can add this note to your test message)


  • Omnis Studio 8.1.x
  • macOS 10.9+
  • Windows 7+


OmnisTAP code

Do ioTAP.$ok(1=1,"1 equals 1")
Do ioTAP.$is_char(low("FOO"),"foo","low() works")
Do ioTAP.$isnotclear($libs.$findname("omnistap_example"),"Our library is open")

Raw TAP output

# 2017-09-02 12:19 PM (Unit) Library:omnistap_example Test:_oOmnisTAPExamples/$u_sampleAssertions
ok 1 1 equals 1
ok 2 low() works
ok 3 Our library is open
# 17 ms

OmnisTAP in the IDE

OmnisTAP Example output in the IDE


Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: Starting OmnisTAP run on omnistap_example to /Users/aclay/Desktop/tap
Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: Test timing multiplier is set to 1
Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: Max timing for unit tests: 5000
Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: Max timing for integration tests: 90000
Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: ogTAPManager.$run: ilTests linecount is 1
Sat Sep 2 13:47:51 2017 Notice: Starting up...
Running _oOmnisTAPExamples/$u_sampleAssertions...   [ pass ]
Sat Sep 2 13:47:52 2017 Notice: running tests shutdown
Sat Sep 2 13:47:52 2017 Notice: OmnisTAP run on omnistap_example complete in 1 second to /Users/aclay/Desktop/tap
Sat Sep 2 13:47:52 2017 Notice: Temp folder for this session is /tmp/suran/omnistap25002500/


Clone this repository to a working directory:

git clone


Add OmnisTAP to your library

  1. Open omnistap/lib/[your Omnis version]/omnistap.lbs in Omnis Studio
  2. Set your library's startup task to subclass omnistap.kgTAPTask
  3. Restart your library's startup task

Add a test

  1. Create a object class in your library named _oHelloOmnisTAP

  2. Set _oHelloOmnisTAP to subclass omnistap.ogTAPSuper

  3. Add the method $u_sayHello to _oHelloOmnisTAP with this code

     Do ioTAP.$pass("Hello OmnisTAP!")
  4. Go to TAP -> Test Current Class

  5. You will see this output: Quickstart Say Hello

Run from the command line

  1. Follow the OmnisCLI guide to install OmnisCLI

  2. Ensure your startup task's construct has this code:

    Do $cinst.$processCLI() Returns lbCLIRun
    If lbCLIRun=kTrue
    	Quit method
    End If
  3. Ensure omnistap.lbs, omniscli.lbs, and your library are opened at startup

  4. Run this command from a command prompt:

     [path to bin/omniscli] runtests [path to tap output directory]


Please see the wiki for full documentation.


Please see our guide to contributing.