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This document explains how the codechecker works.

The codechecker start executing from Main.py. This Main program simply
waits for a submission with status = "queued" to appear. When this
happens, it picks up the submission, changes it to status =
"processing" (atomically - many other codechecker threads can be
running) and starts processing it.

Some terminology about test cases:
1) Testcase - a testcase is an input file for a single run of a

2) Test_group - a collection of one or more testcases that are scored
together, associated with a score. Eg: If a program passes all
testcases in a test_group it can get the points for that
test_group. If it does not pass all testcases, the submission could
get no points.

3) Result checker - a program submitted by a problem setter that is
used to check the result of a testcase run by a custom algorithm. This
program is required only for problems that need a custom result
verification algorithm. If the result for a testcase is unique, it is
sufficient to use a reference output file and see that the testcase
run produces the same output file.

Processing consists of first compiling the submission, and generating
an executable. Once this is done, the Evaluation module
begins. Evaluation consists of testing the submission against a set of
test_groups. Each test_group is fetched in order and the testing for
the testcases in that test group begins. The submission is executed
against each testcase by the Secure Execution module (SE). The
Evaluation module also checks the result of each testcase run with
either a reference output file for that testcase or a Result_checker
program. The Result_checker also runs in the SE module.