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== 0.2 / 2008-06-08
* bugfix: Remove rack_cacher
* bugfix: Support for reloading all wink sources in development
* bugfix: Model validators cause errors on reload
* bugfix: Replace "Weblog" OpenStruct with "Wink" module
* bugfix: Unit tests for all models
* bugfix: Comment feed uses hardcoded tag: identifier
* bugfix: Akismet spam detection runs even when no Akismet key is specified
* bugfix: Anonymize CSS and JS sources
* bugfix: Akismet fails with: "undefined method headers"
* Move helpers into module(s) for RDoc
* Make URLs and area names customizable
* Basic testing framework
* Custom Text Filters
* Three phase boot: config, models, web
* Use Sinatra's options for configuration
* Make comment filters customizable ...
* Make log output configurable
* Rename EntryTags model to Tagging
* Use wink.[option] for accessing author (and other options) instead of ivars
* Add sinatra as a submodule
* Remove broken text filters support (for now)
* Better config file organization
* Move Akismet and Delicious helper libs into Wink module
== 0.1 / 2008-05-23
* bugfix: Remove hard-coded Akismet key (cschneid)
* bugfix: Sinatra reloading breaks DM models (cschneid)
* feature: Template Anonymization (cschneid)
* feature: Extract sources from
* feature: LICENSE and README
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