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Wink is a minimalists weblog engine written in Ruby using Rack, Sinatra, and
DataMapper. See the project repository on GitHub for more information:
A complete mess, at the moment. It will likely not run for you at all. The
sources have been made available as-is for discussion purposes only. If you're
mainly interested in running a blog, watch for a 1.0 release. If you're
interested in hacking, stick around...
Gems (need all their dependencies of course):
$ sudo gem install dm-core dm-validations dm-ar-finders do_mysql --version=0.9.5
$ sudo gem install sinatra BlueCloth rubypants html5 test-spec
To run the specs you also need SQLite3 and the SQLite3-adapter:
$ sudo gem install do_sqlite3 --version=0.9.5
We are currently developing on MySQL and SQLite3. Other databases are
theoretically easy to support but we're limiting to these for now to speed
initial development.
Wink is developed primarily under MacOS X and tested on FreeBSD and
a variety of GNU/Linux distributions.
Project sources are stored in Git:
$ git clone git://
Create a new MySQL database:
$ mysql -u root
mysql> CREATE DATABASE wink_development CHARACTER SET = utf8;
Next, change into your local wink clone and copy the `wink.conf.example`
to `wink.conf`; edit to taste, making sure the database related settings
are adjusted appropriately.
Run the `db:init` task to create the initial table schema and then start a new
development server:
$ rake db:init
$ ruby wink
The application should be available at: http://localhost:4567
Unit and functional tests are kept under the test directory. Tests use
sqlite3 and require the 'test-spec' gem:
$ rake test
You can also get nice spec output with:
$ rake spec
All sources included in this distribution are made available under the MIT
license. See the file COPYING for more information.
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