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master branch of this repo is now Angular 4+ compatible. Thanks to @Cyberdada. For Angular2, I have created a separate Angular 2 branch. NPM package starting from version 2.0 is for Angular 4. Packages 1.x are for Angular 2.

BREAKING CHANGE: Make sure you're importing AdalService like this: import { AdalService } from "ng2-adal/dist/core"

Note: NPM package 1.02 is also Angular 4 and was published by mistake, you can ignore that one

To do authentication against Microsoft Windows Azure AD, using the Microsoft ADAL library underneath. Note this library is extracted from the adal-angular package.

This also provide AuthHttp class, which actually gets token in background for external webapis.

NPM Package:

Example and guideline: (An example for Angular 4 is on master - Angular 2 has its own branch)

Pop-Up example :