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KaanalNet is a Network Emulator application, similar to Mininet. But it does lot more than that.


KaanalNet creates a Virtual Network Lab on your Laptop or Desktop or Cloud. It consists of Nodes(Hosts), Switches, Routers and Links. It is capable to emulate a Traditional Networking Lab , Software Defined Networking(SDN).

"Kaanal"(கானல்) is a Tamil Word, It means Mirage in English.

Features :

  • REST API support
  • Traditional networking Topology support
  • SDN Networking Topology support
  • Link characteristics (bandwidth, latency, jitter, packet loss) support
  • Support for controlling the Devices (start, stop, delete the nodes)
  • Traffic Tests (icmp,udp,tcp) support
  • Multiple Link Aggregation support
  • OpenDayLight L2Switch, BGP, LACP integreation support
  • POX, RYU controller applications integreation support

KaanalNet uses the Linux Containers (LXC), openvswitch, linux bridge and ping,iperf(traffic utilities), Quagga, linux tc. KaanalNet is integreated and tested with OpenDayLight, RYU and POX SDN controller.

Supported only on UBUNTU 14.04 OS.


The current release is 0.2.0


Support is available on Mailing List :
To subscribe, click the below link


MIT License


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