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require_once '../../vendor/autoload.php';
require_once './config.php';
use Qiniu\Storage\UploadManager;
use Qiniu\Auth;
// 这个文件放在根目录下的 admin/auth 下, auth 需要创建目录
$config = [
'AK' => 'uLP4c_XV5CGCzxmlUOcenQu3ik0fhpglqJ0BXi5P', // 必须
'SK' => 'ASvNGzihVmm_iDv5mHeq3gGspucEy8VsrJT90QWp', // 必须
'bucket' => 'my-image' // 必须
$upManager = new UploadManager();
$auth = new Auth($config['AK'], $config['SK']);
$token = $auth->uploadToken($config['bucket']);
echo json_encode(compact('token'));
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