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Openfire Extended LDAP User Provider

An Openfire UserProvider to better support ldap repositories which don't have a full name field available.


1 mvn package

2 Copy the jar-with-dependencies jar file into the openfire/lib directory.

3 Add or update the following Openfire server property: provider.user.className =

4 restart Openfire


The provider can be configured using the normal Openfire ldap configuration and also


A template to use for the user's xmpp display (nick) name. Replacements can be made by enclosing ldap attributes names in curly braces.

For example: "{familyName} {sn}"


If this property is set to "true", then search string will be split into separate search terms (on whitespace)

For example: A search for "some thing" will search for "some" AND "thing"


Comma separated set of fields which will be searched through if a query for "Name" is received. Note these should be the XMPP field names, not the ldap field names (as defined in ldap.searchFields).

For example: If you have the following set for ldap.searchFields: "Username/uid,Name/uid,Email/mail,Given Name/givenName,Family Name/sn" Then you might want to set ldap.searchNameFields to "Given Name,Family Name,Username"