my VIM configurations on an Ubuntu system
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myVIM : This is My VIM configurations on an Ubuntu Linux system


  • MyVIM configuration found at
  • Benjamin Wagaman
  • Special thanks to Chad Humphries. His bringing-vim-to-the-people configuration set was the inspiration that helped me realize that how awesome VIM could be. It was also a basis of research for this configuration set.

What’s included?



Installation Instructions (Given this project is in some_dir)

  1. cd ~
  2. ln -s some_dir/.vim
  3. ln -s some_dir/.vimrc
  4. ln -s some_dir/.gvimrc

Further Instructions and Dependencies

sudo apt-get install

  • curl
  • exuberant-ctags
  • git-core
  • vim-gnome

In order to use RTM (Remember the Milk):

  1. cp ./.vim/configs/my_rtm.vim ./.vim/configs/rtm.vim
  2. View this file and follow the instructions there.