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python talk on data visualizations - focused on matplotlib and bokeh
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python talk on data visualization - focused on matplotlib and bokeh libraries




Understand why effective visualizations are important

Introduction to the grammar of graphics and how to choose the right visual approach

Get a snapshot of the python visualization universe

Explore Foundation - learn about matplotlib, understand core use cases & pitfalls + ways to make it better, do some live coding

Look at the Future - Learn about the bokeh library, learn about interactive visualizations, even more live coding


inspiration - effective visualizations

charles minard - march to moscow (charles minard)[]

challenger disaster - Roberts Report (presentation obscured lack of data)[] (13 charts failed to stop the launch - analysis of engineering discussions)[] (primary chart - by launch date)[] (Report from Presidential Commission Hearings)[] (main report)[]

Illustrate Python Visualization universse; compare libaries - Matplotlib ; Bokeh; Plotly

Matplotlib -

Matplotlib - use to explore Challenger Disaster Visualization

Matplotlib - explain and demo different APIs

Matplotlib - illustrate simple ways to improve... & Matplotlib - you need to know it, and how to solve

Bokeh - the new hotness

Bokeh - syntax, basic cases

Bokeh - interactivity - hover, zoom, pan, linking

Bokeh - key concepts; some ideas

Bokeh - animation / streaming data

Supporting Resources -- examples of inspirational visualizations

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