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What this is

This is the open source social network React application that Surfing Dirt uses at

The goal is to start with a given, concrete application (Surfing Dirt) and evolve that into a white-label social network.

How to build and run

After running npm install, run npm run build in order to generate the Webpack bundles. Finally, run npm run start in order to get a server at http://localhost:3033.

The server needs a Graphql backend whose address can be configured in config/index.js.

Specify a NODE_ENV environment variable when running the server in order to pick which config set to use.


This project is licenced under the MIT license



Thanks to BrowserStack for the Open Source program they run which helps small teams (such as this one) test their open source apps (such as this one) across a variety of devices!

We are also using some SVGs from the Twemoji project.