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Title: Appeasing Mangicalla
Author:  Nathaniel Blair and Akshay Rachapudi

You appear to have been summoned to the domain of Mangicalla, a powerful Wizard, against your own free will. 
He has need of someone to do his chores, clean up the trash in the rest of his house. 
Kill all small nuisances in his house and be rewarded for your efforts with the generous gift of your life... and maybe a little trreasure.

P- Player: This is you! Try to avoid taking damage from the enemies that plague Mangicallas mansion and complete your task as fast as possible.
M- Mangicalla: This is the lord of the manor. Talk to him when you feel your task is complete. Do not yo upset him... too much.
D- DustBunny: These little critters are everywhere. The dustbunnies in your house sure don't fight back when you try to clean them...
S- Spider: Creppy crawlers that will follow you around in the game. Try not to get cornered!

System Requirements:
1) This game was built for Windows systems specifically. It counts on DOS, Windows 3.x, Phar Lap, DOSX, OS/2, or Win32 C compilers being present to run.
   There are no guarantees that the game will work correctly on Mac OS or Linux based systems.
2) Built for a 32 bit operating system, but should work on 64 bit as well.

Instructions for Play:
1) Unpack .zip folder to desired destination.
2) Enter the 'Release' folder.
2) Make sure that parameters.txt and Inntroduction.txt are in the same folder as the executable.
3) Double click on AppeasingMangicalla.exe to run.
4) Optional: If the project fails to open, it may because not all of your dependancies in visual studio are up to date.
Right click the project in visual studio solution explorer and click "update visual studio with necessary tools".


Roguelike adventure exploring the mansion of a rich magician and cleaning his long unused rooms.






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