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An encrypted proxy service program


  • Extreme performance.
  • Snell v2 supports reusing TCP connections to improve performance and reduce latency.
  • Single binary with zero dependency. (except glibc)
  • A wizard to help you start.
  • Traffic obfuscating is embedded. (HTTP & TLS)
  • Proxy server will report remote errors to client if encounters. Clients may choose countermeasures for different scenarios.
  • The server-side program is able to auto-negotiate cipher and version with clients.
  • Protocol is ready for multiple users ACL. (No implementation yet)


  1. Download the binary from the Release page.
  2. Decompress and execute the binary. A wizard will guide you to generate a new config.
  3. Re-execute the binary to start service.
  4. Add a proxy line in Surge (The latest beta version is required)

Proxy = snell, [SERVER ADDRESS], [GENERATED PORT], psk=[GENERATED PSK], obfs=http

Use systemd for autostart (Optional)

  1. Download systemd-example and save as /lib/systemd/system/snell.service
  2. Reload systemd daemon: sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  3. Move snell-server to /usr/local/bin/snell-server
  4. Move snell-server.conf to /etc/snell-server.conf
  5. Enable service autostart: sudo systemctl enable snell.service
  6. Start snell service: sudo systemctl start snell.service
  7. Verify service start successfully: sudo systemctl status snell.service

Opens Source

We haven't decided whether to open source the project for complicated reasons.