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@baconpaul baconpaul released this
· 69 commits to c4bf92bb464c6a052fa248277036e438aa363aba since this release
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Automated build of surge-synth-team tuning-workbench-synth

The tuning-workbench-synth is currently in a beta stage, ready for
general testing from people who are OK runnign beta music software.

For more information see

Sat Feb 5 17:34:22 UTC 2022

Most recent commits:

c4bf92b Finally set up a pool properly for TWS releawe!
285c54f one more try on tws nightly back
cf36b70 release on ub20 (#146)
2bae55f A few upgrades (#144)
6299fc8 Build as a CLAP with the two cmake varaibles; upgrade to Juce 613 (#143)