jQuery Widget for and Extentions to the popular SlickGrid javascript grid
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The Surge SlickGrid Extensions provided by the Surge Consulting Group is a set of open-sourced tools that will make using grids in your application a breeze. The product can be conceptually broken down into the following:

  • A jQuery widget which wraps the open-source SlickGrid tool and gives an api for working with it that is more natural to a jQuery user. This includes the ability to define grid columns in mark-up.
  • Various extensions that add some nice bits of functionality to the widget. Including:
    • Use jQuery Templates for Headers, Footers, and formatting columns
    • JSONDataSource object to easily support bottomless scrolling
    • Commonly referenced "Special Columns" and formatter aliases
  • A standard set of editors and formatters.
  • Utility code in the Surge namespace that is used in implementing the above.


As Surge.SlickGrid Extensions is entirely a client-side library just reference the provided javascript and css files as you normally would. See article.


Surge SlickGrid Extensions currently has the following dependencies:

Always check the browser console log for errors that might occur due to missing dependencies.