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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package xmlns="">
<title>SlickGrid and Surge SlickGrid Extensions</title>
<authors>Surge Consulting Group</authors>
<owners>Surge Consulting Group</owners>
<description>The Surge SlickGrid Extensions is a set of open-sourced tools that will make using grids in your application a breeze.</description>
<summary>Super-powered jQuery Ui Widget for interacting with the SlickGrid javascript grid.</summary>
- Added yesno special column
- Fixes to bad unprefixed namespaces
- Added a special edit column
- Now raise celldoubleclick event and call column's onDblClick callback
- Fixed tabbing on/off LongTextCellEditor
- Set slickgrid autoHeight option
- Added escapeHtml option that escapes html when no formatter is provided
- Grid search core moved into optional Surge.Utility. No longer available
- Fix default slickgrid formatter to not print 'null' on null
- Fix grid datepicker bug populating 12/31/1969 when date is empty.
- Minor bugfixes to grid widget
<tags>jQuery jQueryUI plugins widgets grid javascript</tags>
<dependency id="jQuery" version="1.4.4" />
<dependency id="jQuery.UI.Combined" version="1.8.16" />