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A curated list of awesome Microsoft Azure resources.
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A curated list of awesome Microsoft Azure resources.


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Notable Documentation


  • Azure Storage Explorer - Multiplatform Azure Storage Explorer.
  • Azure CLI 2.0 - Multiplatform Command Line Interface. Can be installed or run on Docker.
  • AzCopy - Multiplatform command line bulk copier for Azure

Pricing tools

Development tools

  • Azure Functions Locally - Run Azure functions locally
  • Minio - Multi-cloud object storage
  • Foundatio - .NET abstraction layer, for Azure storage, queueing and caching.
  • DynamicDNSAzure - DNS service that discovers all servers deployed under a subscription and dynamically manages a dnsmasq instance
  • DokanCloudFS - A virtual filesystem for various publicly accessible Cloud storage services on the Microsoft Windows platform.

Online communities

  • Azured - Slack channel for all things Azure
  • /r/Azure - Reddit community for Azure

3rd party services


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