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Sample text generated by RNN with different cell types, state size and layers.

Cell Type State Size Layers Chars Sample Text
Vanilla 256 1 100 n ungerking I dity ithatun. dik cy be n. YC. bikntan ing frditunthan dichit. buereg yer Hs ren Ifentre rmyo
Vanilla 256 1 1000 I dereree ing I is e nd ee feng Des k th anewing ft kng I ikn rite dng Ing ky ine bey f ding rd 30: k. pe cie—t p inent be—thny ingingors ng (obentecing tinty peng uny but VCs If re dift.\n enrik ng ha it dine idinguat y ikenthecucu ci.\n Mat: ceringunt) pr"ewh at ple ding be ingntaingery 20% ferknguthe dor din bunt res res ere be peck perbewit y dindirrine r" be kin omuthan ing ututeng i be hend Wat bu bent fithafe 20% ng rery inknd I reriney nt Hy ingangh ding cin ithe ikinere 24]"ingend junthat ikit ines cit ang ut bute d. ngeng unt ngesfie ckerey ungrintiingo nguth catharingangner dimingunthingonghng tun I dingonorkid Weng antt intuaet. u Thakikikngrepent rikid Dakitut inghangesuatten in enve pl ngerenout y ithat at int tes buntutuntuth s dorifren cevidind ng? ng unllent utut pes peentha Yenge 30 d f ug tre chadele nd.\n M ikngut pere de be—t yod anga dinging s. cuntes ding besees Dthatyithent sere u nghatu igre inthat barey ppepingit ink fingatuthingh ory psere it pe cchat \n
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