Scripts to watch and archive chaturbate streams.
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CaptureBate lets you follow and archive your favorite models shows on

Changes between ohhdemgirls and redyready

Uses livestreamer to capture The Video_folder must have the full path or is a folder in the same directory as CaptureBate.


(Debian 7, minimum)

livestreamer used to capture the streams.

BeautifulSoup4 the screen-scraping library.

ffmpeg compiled with support for libmp3lame & libspeex audio for converting the output files.


Install requirements sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Get a chaturbate account, once you're signed up put your credentials in the config.conf file and - if needed - adjust the other options.

NOTE: if you find captures aren't starting set an absolute directory for captures in config.conf like so Video_folder = /home/user/CaptureBate/Captured

Be mindful when capturing many streams at once to have plenty of space on disk and the bandwidth available or you'll endup dropping a lot of frames and the files will be useless.

Before you can start capturing streams you first need to follow the models you want on site and then paste their usernames into the wishlist.txt file, once you have done this you're ready to start

Running & Output

To start capturing streams you need to run python I reccomend you do this in screen as there is no output and it can just be left running in the background. To see what's going on run tail -f output.log

Standard output should look something this when recording streams ..

17/11/2014 09:37:13 PM INFO:Connecting to
17/11/2014 09:37:13 PM INFO:Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
17/11/2014 09:37:15 PM INFO:0 Models in the list before checking: []
17/11/2014 09:37:15 PM INFO:Redirecting to
17/11/2014 09:37:16 PM INFO:[Models_list] 2 models are online: [u'hottminx', u'adryeenmely']
17/11/2014 09:37:16 PM INFO:[Compare_lists] Checking model list:
17/11/2014 09:37:16 PM INFO:[Compare_lists] hottminx is still being recorded
17/11/2014 09:37:16 PM INFO:[Compare_lists] adryeenmely is still being recorded
17/11/2014 09:37:16 PM INFO:[Loop]List of new models for adding: []
17/11/2014 09:37:16 PM INFO:[Select_models] Which models are approved?
17/11/2014 09:37:16 PM WARNING:[Select_models]  No models for approving
17/11/2014 09:37:16 PM INFO:[Loop]Model list after check looks like: 0 models:
 and models currently being recorded are:
 ['adryeenmely', 'hottminx']
17/11/2014 09:37:16 PM INFO:[Sleep] Waiting for next check (45 seconds)


Once you've captured some streams you're going to need to convert the audio to have them play nice in vlc, etc. This is where ffmpeg comes in, there is no need to convert the video so this doesn't take too long. To convert individual files do ffmpeg -i input.flv -vcodec copy -acodec libmp3lame output.mp4 this will convert the speex audio to mp3 and change the container to mp4 (stream is h264)

If you want to batch convert your captured streams run find ./ -name '*.flv' -execdir mkdir converted_bates \;; for file in *.flv; do ffmpeg -i "$file" -vcodec copy -acodec libmp3lame "converted_bates/${file%.flv}.mp4"; done from your CaptureBate/Captured/ directory.

If you don't want to do any conversion you can install the speex audio codec which is a huge pain in the ass to get working correctly under linux/vlc.