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Streaming doT

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Streaming doT is a doT-based streaming templating language.

Quick facts:

  • Generates a stream
  • Can consume streams and promises
  • Built for Node and for the web (with ServiceWorkers in mind)
  • 2KB small (1KB gzip’d)
  • Conditionals built-in
  • Compiles templates to JavaScript
  • Templates can contain arbitrary JavaScript


doT.compile(templateString, opts)

Compiles templateString to JavaScript. By default, it returns a function that takes the data object as an argument. Inside the template string the following expressions can be used:

  • {{=<value>}}: Inserts <value> into the template. <value> must be a string, a Uint8Array or a Promise that resolves to a value of any of these types. The data object is accessible as it.
  • {{?<value>}}...A...{{??}}...B...{{?}}: Only inserts A if <value> is truthy or is a Promise that resolves to a truthy value. Otherwise, B is inserted. The B block is optional.
  • {{~<value>}}: Inserts <value> into the template. <value> must be a stream.
  • {{<code>}}: Inserts <code> into the generator function. The code can yield Promises to insert their value into the template. For example, {{}} is equivalent to {{yield Promise.resolve(}}

opts is an object with any subset of the following default values:

  evaluate: /\{\{(([^\}]+|\\.)+)\}\}/g,
  interpolate: /\{\{=\s*([^\}]+)\}\}/g,
  stream: /\{\{~\s*([^\}]+)\}\}/g,
  conditional: /\{\{\?(\?)?\s*([^\}]*)?\}\}/g,
  node: typeof(process) === 'object',
  noEval: false,
  varname: "it"
  • evaluate, interpolate, stream and conditional are the RegExps for the previously mentioned template expressions.
  • node: If true, the generated code will be targeted for Node, otherwise for browsers.
  • noEval: If true, return the functions code instead of a callable.
  • varname: The name under which the data object is accessible in the template expressions.


Browser Support Links
Node ≥5
Chrome ≥52
Firefox In Development Missing [ReadableStream] on fetch (
Safari In Development Missing TextDecoder (polyfillable)
Edge In Development Missing TextDecoder (polyfillable) and ReadableStream (polyfillable)

Current shortcomings and potential tripwires

  • The parser itself is not streaming (i.e. doT.compile() cannot consume a stream).
  • Currently, the body of a conditional cannot contain template expressions
  • Nested conditionals are not possible due to the RegExp-based nature of the parser


A fully runnable example can be found in the example folder. It is a node webserver using streaming doT as a templating language. The website has a service worker that uses streaming doT as well.

To run the example, start the webserver by running node index.js in the example folder or visit for a hosted version of the example code (thanks HyperDev).



<h1>This is a doT template</h1>
  This content was generated
    server-side (refresh for ServiceWorker)



function handler(req, res) {
  fs.readFile('app/', 'utf-8', (_, data) => {
    var template = doT.compile(data);
    var stream = template({
      header: fs.createReadStream('app/header.partial.html'),
      footer: fs.createReadStream('app/footer.partial.html'),
    res.set('Content-Type', 'text/html');


self.onfetch = event => event.respondWith(
    .then(body => {
      const template = doT.compile(body);
      const response = template({
        header: caches.match('/header.partial.html').then(r => r.body),
        footer: caches.match('/footer.partial.html').then(r => r.body),
        serviceworker: timeoutPromise(2000).then(_ => true)
      return new Response(response, {headers: {'Content-Type': 'text/html'}});


Apache 2.0

Version 1.1.1


doT-based streaming templating engine for Node and the web




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