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Swiper component for Vue.


The vue-awesome-swiper project has been deprecated and superseded by Swiper Vue component, a TypeScript friendly project which is a recent official release provided by Swiper. For better stability, please migrate as soon as possible.

vue-awesome-swiper released its last version v5 for (bridge) transition. It's worth noting that APIs in this version are completely NOT compatible with that of previous version, it only re-exports swiper/vue and only supports Vue3, which means only functions of swiper/vue are available. For example, the following code is fully equivalent in vue-awesome-swiper@5. And if you want to check update catelog of Swiper API, please refer to Swiper Changelog.

import { Swiper, SwiperSlide, /* rest swiper/vue API... */ } from 'vue-awesome-swiper'
// exactly equivalent to
import { Swiper, SwiperSlide, /* rest swiper/vue API... */ } from 'swiper/vue'

If you need to use older versions of vue-awesome-swiper, you can find the corresponding version number below. Feel free to fork our code and maintain your own copy.

Legacy versions


How to use


npm install swiper vue-awesome-swiper --save
yarn add swiper vue-awesome-swiper

Local component

  <swiper :modules="modules" :pagination="{ clickable: true }">
    <swiper-slide>Slide 1</swiper-slide>
    <swiper-slide>Slide 2</swiper-slide>
    <swiper-slide>Slide 3</swiper-slide>

  import SwiperClass, { Pagination } from 'swiper'
  import { Swiper, SwiperSlide } from 'vue-awesome-swiper'

  // import swiper module styles
  import 'swiper/css'
  import 'swiper/css/pagination'
  // more module style...

  export default {
    components: {
    setup() {
      return {
        modules: [Pagination]

Global component

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import SwiperClass, { /* swiper modules... */ } from 'swiper'
import VueAwesomeSwiper from 'vue-awesome-swiper'

// import swiper module styles
import 'swiper/css'
// more module style...

// use swiper modules
SwiperClass.use([/* swiper modules... */])

const app = createApp()

Component API

<!-- All options and events of the original Swiper are supported -->
  :autoplay="{ delay: 3500, disableOnInteraction: false }"
  <template #container-start><span>Container start</span></template>
  <template #wrapper-start><span>Wrapper start</span></template>
  <swiper-slide>Slide 1<swiper-slide>
  <swiper-slide v-slot="{ isActive }">Slide 2 {{ isActive }}<swiper-slide>
  <swiper-slide>Slide 3<swiper-slide>
  <template #wrapper-end><span>Wrapper end</span></template>
  <template #container-end><span>Container end</span></template>


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.


Licensed under the MIT License.