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Onebox: A Fancy Hyperlink Display Plugin for WordPress

What does this plugin do?

This plugin lets you use a shortcode [onebox url="" title="optional title" description="optional description"] in place of a link that will display a lovely Facebook/Twitter-style box with additional information about the link.

WordPress has built-in support for some links like Google+ or Twitter, where it will generate a nice-looking embed from a link or shortcode, but what about other sites? Onebox aims to extend this by letting you turn any link into an embedded box, with extra features for some special sites, and with a fully customisable HTML template.

How does the plugin work?

Many webpages now have metadata in their header with a desciption and image to help sites like Twitter or Facebook generate embeds. Onebox can read this same data to generate similar embeds. In addition, the plugin makes use of a number of "parsers" to scan for specific sites and pull out even more data to use.

The source is maintained on GitHub:

Example Onebox for using (default) flat style Example Onebox for using classic style Example Onebox for using dark style Example Onebox for using dark-flat style Plugin admin options screen Example Onebox in visual editor

Live demo


One of the following PHP modules are required:

The following modules are optional, but highly recommended:

  • APC extension for PHP
  • GeoIP extension for PHP

Currently supported sites

  • Any web page with Twitter metadata
  • Any web page with Facebook (OpenGraph) metadata
  • GitHub (
  • Steam (
  • iTunes (*
  • GOG (*
  • Mac Game Store (*
  • Green Man Gaming (*
  • Origin (*
  • Lynda (*
  • Wikipedia (
  • Google Play Store (
  • Kickstarter (
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV ARR) Database (
  • Ebay (*

others to follow

(* site uses affiliate links)


This plugin renders affiliate links for some websites in order to support its development. You are more than welcome to fork or modify the source if you don't want to allow this.


  • Add more parsers

Additional credits


A Fancy Hyperlink Display Plugin for WordPress




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