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Gazelle - A scripting language inspired by LISP and Scheme
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gazelle Build Status Python Version License: GPL v3

Gazelle is a tiny lisp-like scripting language built with Python.

Gazelle is:

  • Easy to setup
    • Have Python? You can run Gazelle. Gazelle requires no external dependencies (that shouldn't be already downloaded)
  • Inspired by LISP and Scheme
    • Gazelle code is written entirely with prefix notation in the form (procedure expression)
    • Gazelle has no true AST, instead the programmer ends up directly coding the AST for Gazelle to interpret
    • Only 3 fundamental types: Atoms, Lists, and Procedures
  • Extendable
    • Adding features to Gazelle is simple and easy through editing the python source or via directly programming in Gazelle itself

Not convinced? Gazelle can be used to write answers to Project Euler questions. Here's problem 1:

(return (sum (filter (\ (n) (or (= (% n 5) 0) (= (% n 3) 0))) (range 1000))))

Getting Started

Here's how you can get started programming in Gazelle.


Before you can run Gazelle, you'll need to have Python 3.6 installed for your respective OS. Then, make sure to download either the latest release of Gazelle or the latest master.

Running Gazelle

For more detail, check out the getting started guide


To run the repl, run python in the root directory from the commandline.


To run the repl on linux/OSX, you can run python3 in the root directory of Gazelle.

Basic Usage

The Gazelle REPL provides all the basic utility you need to begin toying with it.

In addition, files can be ran by using a file path as your argument such as python ./example/euler/one.gel and files can be run in succession such as python ./example/euler/one.gel ./example/euler/two.gel

Running the Tests

First, install the testing requirements.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

To run the tests, run pytest tests/ from the root directory. This will start the tests and get benchmarking data.

Code Examples

Take a look at the getting started guide and our documentation to learn how to code with Gazelle. You can view example programs in the examples folder packaged with Gazelle.


Take a look at this page you can contribute to Gazelle.



This code is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. All works in this repository are meant to be utilized under this license. You are entitled to remix, remodify, and redistribute this program as you see fit, under the condition that all derivative works must use the GPL Version 3.


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