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Make json error message more specific

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1 parent dfa59c2 commit 8ebeb3dc3fa82bf9d670af2b54a23d9a0b161e35 @sursh committed Apr 8, 2013
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3 docs/user/quickstart.rst
@@ -131,7 +131,8 @@ There's also a builtin JSON decoder, in case you're dealing with JSON data::
>>> r.json()
[{u'repository': {u'open_issues': 0, u'url': '
-In case the JSON decoding fails, ``r.json`` raises an exception: ``ValueError:
+In case the JSON decoding fails, ``r.json`` raises an exception. For example, if
+the response gets a 401 (Unauthorized), attempting ``r.json`` raises ``ValueError:
No JSON object could be decoded``

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