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A Graph A Day

This is a Twitter bot, which can tweet pictures of random graphs. It also listens for mentions and answers them with pictures of graphs it detects in the tweet. The layout ans styles are also extracted from the tweet if possible. If a number smaller than 1025 is detected, it is used as the number of nodes.

Selection of Recognized Keywords

Graph Types

* Watts-Strogatz
* Barabási-Albert
* Powerlaw cluster graph
* Delaunay triangulation and some subgraphs
* Minimum Radius graph
* some real world networks (source:
* Caveman graph


* Betweenness
    * dark background
    * node color and size dependent on betweenness centrality
    * edge thickness dependent on betweenness centrality

* Degree
    * white background
    * node size and color dependent on their degree

* Blocky
    * dark background
    * square nodes
    * node color dependent on their eigenvector

* Curved
    * white background
    * curved edges
    * node size and color dependent on their HITS score assuming the graph
      is a citation network


* sfdp
* Fruchterman Reingold (spring based layout)
* ARF (attractive and repulsive forces, nodes inside a disk)
* radial tree
* blockmodel (stochastic blockmodel based hirachic layout)
* dot (from graphviz, a hierarchic layout)
* neato (from graphviz also known as Kamada-Kawai)
* circular (from graphviz, nodes on a circle)
* twopi (from graphviz, radial layout)


Every time the program runs it will create a graph, save it as png and its details in a txt named after the current unix timestamp and tweets it.

Important: Do not forget to put in valid keys and secrets in

Also there is at least one submodule which should be loaded from GitHub, therefore run git submodule update --init --recursive after cloning.


* from PyPI
    * networkx
    * matplotlib
    * scipy
    * python-pygraphviz
    * tweepy
    * fuzzywuzzy
    * graph-tool

* Imagemagick
* optipng