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A funny PvP Minigame

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HotBlock plugin features

βœ… Ready for PocketMine-MP version 4.0 (PM4).

β€’ Description
β€’ Features
β€’ Usage
β€’ Example Game Arena
β€’ Contribution
β€’ License

πŸ“™ Description

HotBlock is a funny PvP minigame. The goal is to stand as long as possible on the 'Hot Block' in the middle of the arena in order to earn money (via EconomyAPI). Because every player wants to get there, there is an exiting PvP-match. The dangerous poisoned blocks are making the game even more exiting.

🎁 Features

  • OPEN ARENA Open Game Arena where players can join at any time
  • EXITING MATCHES Exiting PvP-matches for the players
  • ADVANCED FEATURES Customizable Messages and Abuse-Protection

πŸ–± Usage

There are different types of blocks in the game arena:

Block PvP Effect
WOOD ❌ All players are safe, usually they spawn there
ENDSTONE βœ… Normal playing field, nothing special here
NETHERRACK βœ… Players get poisoned for 2-3 seconds when walking over those blocks
QUARTBLOCK βœ… The HotBlock, players are earning some coins per second when moving on this block

πŸ•Ή Example Game Arena

This is how a HotBlock-world can look like (you can download it here):

Read the full documentation πŸ“– β€’ Ask questions on Discord πŸ’¬

πŸ™‹β€ Contribution

Feel free to contribute if you have ideas or found an issue.

You can:

Please read our Contribution Guidelines before creating an issue or submitting a pull request.

Many thanks for their support to all contributors!

πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ License



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