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What is this?

Survey2GIS is a robust, powerful tool for processing survey data, such as produced by a GPS or total station, and exporting it as topologically cleaned data, fit for use in GIS. For more information, see and the user manual that ships with the software.

Important links

Official Website: Bugtracker: Mailinglist:


How do I install this software?

Look into the folder "bin". In it, you will find subfolders for the different operating systems that we support. Pick the one that matches your OS. There is another "README" file in that folder that has specific instructions for your OS. Make sure to read it, as it may list some important 3rd party software that you need to install before being able to run Survey2GIS.

Also note that there are two versions of Survey2GIS for each OS. The version in the OS folder itself contains a graphical user interface (GUI. The subfolder "cli-only" contains a version without a GUI that is more light-weight and suitable for use from the command line/terminal window (CLI) only.

Just run "survey2gis[.exe]" to start the program.

How do I use this software?

Just start the "survey2gis" executable and it will come up with a graphical user interface. If you have chosen to run the CLI only version (see above), then you can issue the following command for a short summary of CLI syntax options:

 survey2gis -h

Detailed instructions can be found in the user manual that came with this software.

How do I compile this software from source code?

See the file "COMPILING" in the subfolder "src".

What are the licensing terms?

This is free and open source software. For details, see the file LICENSE that came with this software. If LICENSE is missing or you would like to read a translation in another language, please go to Please note that Survey2GIS includes 3rd party software, which comes with its own license agreement that you can find in corresponding subdirectories.

Who made this software?

The initial idea and funding for this software came from the state heritage office in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany ( Software development is coordinated by CSGIS GbR ( If you would like to contribute, visit and get in touch!